Friday, October 18, 2013

Dispatches from the Front Row: Day 2 at IPMI Trend Show 2014

Votum by Sebastian Gunawan and Cristina used clean and simple cuts in Dusk & Dawn, their Holiday 2013/14 collection.  I really, really loved how these dresses looked: some of them appeared girly, but not so overly girly — there was still a sense of maturity in them.  I personally don’t think I can pull off the sock-and-sandal combo the way these models did, but I can’t deny that they look good from head to toe. I’m especially a fan of the look that partially consisted of the red sock and red lips. That’s a winner right there.

I think at first sight you might notice a very strong Chinese vibe in this collection, because that’s what it is indeed.  Votum highlighted the festivity of Chinese New Year through colors, patterns, and texture.  Seeing the show contain the combination of blue, orange, red, black, and white in beautiful embroideries was definitely a pleasure. And look at those silhouettes; this collection is very wearable, to say the least 

So as you can seen, there’s a very clear linear visual history exhibited through these collections, starting with Era Soekamto’s 15th century Asia, Barli Asmara’s 1950s Americana, and then Votum’s brightly-lit salute to the ’90s. These were my favorites from the second day of IPMI Trend Show 2014. Which one is your favorite, Ladies?

Source: Dispatches from the Front Row: Day 2 at IPMI Trend Show 2014

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