Saturday, November 16, 2013

La Route de La Soie by Sebastian Gunawan

Last week was Jakarta Fashion Week. The event saw the gowns of top designer Sebastian Gunawan. The inspiring East-meets-West silk couture is something we thought to share.

Last week, Indonesian fashion designer, Sebastian Gunawan, showcased his East inspired silk cheongsam collection “La Route de La Soie”, meaning “The Silk Road”, at Jakarta Fashion Week 2013. He and his wife, Cristina Panarese, are the head designers for the SebastianGunawan fashion house.

Established in 2006, Sebastian’s maison couture is ranked as one of Indonesia’s biggest fashion houses. With four sub-labels, sebastiangunawan, sebastianred, sebastianspose and votum, Gunawan is known for its sophisticated silk gowns and avant-garde elegance.

The collection draws influence from both Western and Eastern culture and bridges the gap between the two, hence the collection’s namesake, the Silk Road, which was a route to transport silk along from China to Paris during the Han Dynasty.

Source: La Route de La Soie by Sebastian Gunawan

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