Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Le Jardin Chinois by Sebastian Gunawan

Welcoming Chinese New Year, famous Indonesia designer Sebastian Gunawan (Seba) introducing at least 50 clothing collection titled Le Jardin Chinois, which means "Beauty Flower Park" at Hotel Mulia Senayan Jakarta, Friday (01/17/14) night.

For this collection, Seba inspired by the life of European nobility in the Rococo era, where Louis XV was very fond of Chinese culture that has high artistic value. "Le Jardin Chinois" a wide exposure to the cheongsam in a modern color palette, featuring a variety of meanings.

"More than two months working on the collection, there are a lot of interesting things were found. One is the similarities between Chinese cultural lifestyle of European royalty. Chinese collar is synonymous with high collar and covered, except in Europe wear lace. " Seba said in a press conference held before the fashion show.

In this collection he makes clothes with a touch of lace, embroidery, modern silhouette, and volume-shaped petals, which interpret the beauty of the gardens in China and Europe in the past. As for the material used is also selected from the highest quality materials. For the collection, Seba use materials such as damask, hand woven, lace and silk. "The details are more finer, the cutting are victoria but it cheongsham." Said the husband of designer Christina Paranese.

Here, Seba excellence in playing silhouettes and cutting Shanghai transformed into a new form that is more feminine and modern. As for the selection of a slightly different color. If the clothes are usually typical lunar Brightly colored, Seba actually bring it with pastel colors fit the theme.

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