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Upcoming Fashion Week 2015 Update!

It’s been a pretty exciting past few weeks, with the run-up to two premier fashion weeks in the city: the Bazaar Fashion Fashion Festival and Jakarta Fashion Week. When we were planning out our schedules for the next few months, we noticed how things looked a little bit tight and hectic — mostly because these two style behemoths are only set one week part from each other this year! If you love this editorial team at all, just know that we appreciate deliveries of vitamins, supplements, and sugary goods to keep our stamina and sanity in check during the upcoming weeks.

So at the press conference for Jakarta Fashion Week 2015, we learned that the festivities will be taking place between November 1 – 7 at the same spot outside Senayan City where the Fashion Tent will be erected; but as usual, the Senayan City Atrium will be see shows that are open to the public as well. We saw some familiar faces in the form of The Body Shop and L’Oreal Professionnel, who will be taking care of all makeup and hairstyling needs this year, but there was one new face: this year’s banking partner is Permata Bank.


In addition to all the local designers we have come to know and love, there was an obvious shift to internationalize Jakarta Fashion Week, based on all the talk about the foreign talent flooding in to the JFW Fashion Tent. The British Council (which has been absolutely pivotal in the success of fashion programs in Indonesia) will bring in England’s Kitty Joseph, who has previously dressed the pages of Vogue and Elle magazines in Europe and Asia. Then there’s the Netherlands’ Erasmus Huis, which have created a special collaboration between Dutch artists Bagua Jody and Mada van Gaans with Indonesian designer Oscar Lawalata; and the Korean Cultural Center, has commissioned Monday to Sunday and Yosafat Dwi Kurniawan on a cultural style collaboration inspired by the K-drama Coffee Prince. 
Relive the frenzy during a full day of fashion action at last year’s Jakarta Fashion Week:

A few hours after the JFW press conference, we scurried over to Plataran restaurant at Dharmawangsa for the Bazaar Fashion Festival press conference. This particular show has gone from strength to strength: what was a two-day show at Gandaria City last year has turned into a week-long event taking place at the Jakarta Convention Center this time round. But while the fashion is definitely going to take center stage once more, it will be framed by Bank Mandiri’s Pasar Indonesia bazaar. Pasar Indonesia will basically be an indoor market, bringing the best of Indonesian culture, cuisine, and style to the people.


The show will be opened by the untouchable Biyan Wanaatmaja and closed a week later by Sebastian Gunawan, with lumaries like Era Soekamto, Mel Ahyar, and Yogie Pratama to add their own shades of style as members of IPMI. And while JFW seems to have both inward and outward focuses to their shows this years, Harpeer’s Bazaar Indonesia Editor-in-Chief Ria Lirungan stated that with the addition of the Pasar Indonesia bazaar at the venie, the event will not be a trade, show, but a platform for local artisans  to expose their work with the general public.

Last year’s IPMI Trend Show was just stunning, and I know we will not be disappointed by what the designers have in store this year:

A really, really interesting thing that both Jakarta Fashion Week and Bazaar Fashion Festival have have in common this year are the B2C (business to consumer) aspect of the festivals: in previous years, the Buyers’ Room at Jakarta Fashion Week have been a strictly closed-off affair, with buyers and media being the only ones privy to what goes on behind the closed doors. But this year, anyone can show up at the Buyers’ Room and buy whatever the designer is selling. Same goes with Bazaar Fashion Festival’s Pasar Indonesia, which adds a lively carnival festival to the affair.

Don’t get excluded at this year’s fashion weeks. Show up at Senayan City and Jakarta 

Convention Center and feel the full brunt of the city’s fashion best and brightest for yourself.

Source: Upcoming Fashion Week 2015 Update!

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