Thursday, June 16, 2011

Breathtaking Dresses by Sebastian Gunawan

I can’t be more thankful to be among the people who watched Sebastian Gunawan’ fashion show last night. Even though I always knew that his creations are undoubtedly beautiful, the dresses showcased in the fashion show titled “Reflections of You” still amazed me.

Since the beginning of his fashion career in 1993, Seba has positioned his designs in creations that celebrate women’s beauty. No wonder that his signature styles are feminine, classic, elegant, slim and sophisticated. In this annual fashion show, Seba in collaboration with Christina Panarese presented 77 cocktail dresses and evening gowns from his first line “Sebastian Gunawan for 2012, and also 8 wedding dresses from “Sebastian’s Sposa”.

The designer explained that “Reflections of You” tells about women who live today, whose style is trendy to reflect their personalities, and also bring back old fashion elements to inspire future fashion trend”. So, each style and character were found in the fashion show; from soft and feminine, to unique and playful dresses.

Drapery has dominated Seba’s designs since his first fashion show in 1993. Now he develops it into various styles with modern technique. Not only light fabrics that was draped, but also thick materials. We can see from the photos that most of his creations feature ddrapery. Besides drapery, slim waist with big skirt was also seen on the runway. To complement Seba’s dresses, accessories from Rinaldy A Yunardi were worn by the models.

So, what do you think about all the dresses? For me, they were so gorgeous that I found it hard to choose which one is the best.

1. Drape Dresses

2. Color Breaking

3. Lovely Lace

4, Pretty Print 

5. Quirky Bride

6. Touch of East

7. Sharp and Structured

8. Innocent Pastel

Source: Breathtaking Dresses by Sebastian Gunawan

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