Saturday, January 10, 2015

East & West Fusion

A glamorous fusion of East and West took center stage at the second edition of I Fashion Festival, showcasing the latest collections from 12 local designers.

One participating designer, Hengki Kawilarang, wowed the audience with his collection, titled Passion Envy, which was presented at Hotel Indonesia Kempinski in Central Jakarta.

“This collection is inspired by Queen Elizabeth I, whose style during the era had made every woman jealous,” he said.

Hengki said the details, silhouettes and colors of his clothes reflected luxurious taste translated into modern design.

“The local touch in the looks comes from Tasikmalaya embroidery that details the gowns, and the accessories used are made by craftsmen from Yog-yakarta,” Hengki said.

The clothes, made of organza, lace, brocade, tulle, damask and jacquard, were very rich in detail and were mostly presented in gold color.

Hengki applied some different materials in one design without making the whole look too much for women to wear during special occasions.

Soko Wiyanto

A strapless corset dress with floral patterns and small sparkly bead, a sheer dress with embroidered green and gold motifs, and a two-tier strapless ball gown that featured intricate detail on the upper part all showed Hengki’s passion for detail and extravagance.

The royal sense of the collection was enhanced with the use of head accessories, crowns and bracelets.

Another designer, Rinda Salmun, showcased her Spring/Summer 2015 collection, which she said was inspired by Indonesia’s marine life. 

“I want to show through this collection that clothes can be at once strong and bold but also sweet and feminine,” Rinda said.

Highlights included a playful wave of lines within the sharp silhouette of a blazer and tailored pants, paneled tops with bold lines and cutouts on cocktail dresses and work wear and skirts presented in a formal and feminine manner with a little touch of sporty detailing.

Rinda said that most of her designs came in soft pastel colors evoking coral reefs and sea creatures, in contrast to the deep blue of the sea.

Ivan Gunawan also presented his latest collection, Kedjora, in the three-day event that was organized by MNC Channels. 

“Kedjora was when I fell in love with someone but I didn’t know how to express it, so I just kept it inside,” Ivan said.

He transformed his feeling into 14 looks made of tulle, taffeta, jacquard and organdy.

The collection ranges from short dresses, two-piece outfits, cape gowns to jumpsuits and bomber jackets, all designed in simple silhouettes dominated by black.

“I also used a lot of see-through materials to reflect the true love that I have; that the feeling is there, ready to be shown, but to some extent it has to be concealed,” Ivan said.

The models wore beanies, fedora hats, floppy hats and long, black gloves, generating a playful mix of mystery and elegance.

Number 1, the label launched by fashion school Susan Budihardjo, comprised works of 11 young designers who showcased their deluxe ready-to-wear collection in the fashion parade.

They presented a set of clothes that came in various shades of blue, such as misty blues, sky blues and cool turquoises that gave both bright and dark effects.

The collection featured printed Javanese words for “fashion”, “style”, “number 1”, “east” and “west” on thick duchess silk, which generated a bright and glossy effect, on see-through organza, with vague results, and on jacquard and denim materials, with matte results. 

The Hanacaraka patterns represented the Eastern elements while the printing method reflected the modernity of western aspect.

Other designers, including , Barli Asmara, Billy Tjong, Didiet Maulana, Ghea Panggabean, and Votum by Sebastian Gunawan also took part in the event.

Contributor: Novia D. Rulistia

Photos by JP/Awo

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