Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Curated.Works: Asian Couture Dreams – Sebastian Gunawan by Decue Wu

Courtesy of Decue Wu
For this month and December, I am doing a special collaboration with the Asian Couture Federation If you have not heard of the organization, here is some information for you:
“The Asian Couture Federation is a self-financed, not-for-profit company limited by guarantee governed by its mission, organisational charter, and bylaws. The ACF is the first organization in Asia to recognize, support and promote Asian Couturiers who have exhibited the highest levels of artistry in fashion design. Additionally, the ACF supports talented emerging designers region-wide.”

For this project, I have paired 4 illustrators with 4 designers and here is the 1st pair. I asked Decue Wu to illustrate one of the looks from Sebastian Gunawan collections. This art work is beautifully done and has a great surreal vibe. The peacock does make the illustration more complete and the “folding” effect makes me think of those Chinese room dividers. Overall, this is such a nice illustration!

I have 2 questions for Decue regarding this piece and her cultural background.

What was the inspiration behind this illustration? 
The first time I saw Sebastian Gunawan‘s design for this couture dress, I found the atmosphere of the runway very dark, mysterious, and gorgeous. I love the way he placed flower patterns on the waist and the bottom of the dress; it looks like the flowers are growing around the body. Both the shape of the head accessory and the color of the pattern reminded me of a peacock. The curtain background I got the inspiration from Gustav Klimt‘s famous painting “Portrait Of Adele Bloch Bauer I” and Coles Phillips’s Fade-away girls. They both smartly use negative space and merge some parts of the character seamlessly with the background – yet the edge of the character’s outline remains easily defined.
How does your background influence your illustration style? 
Fashion inspires me to create delicate artwork. The phenomenon of beauty has always been my favorite subject of contemplation. I started to draw fashion illustrations in my spare time during college life in China. I like to use abstract, figurative and geometric elements to capture the fashions of my imagination, and to tell a story to provoke the viewer to look for the hidden message and even give rise to a designer’s entire fashion collection. The reason is I’m always inspired by Cubism and Fauvism, such as Picasso, Matisse’s work.
Stay tuned to see the 2nd pair!

Source: Curated.Works: Asian Couture Dreams - Sebastian Gunawan by Decue Wu

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